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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 My child forgot his/her lunch at home. Can I drop it off at school?

A student who has forgotten to bring a lunch from home or mistakenly thought a hot lunch was ordered will be permitted to call home. When a parent brings a lunch to the office it will be delivered to the student or brought to the lunchroom. (Note: Only "forgotten lunches" will be accepted. A parent will not be permitted to also leave a "forgotten homework assignment" or other item when dropping off a lunch.)

 How can I be notified of schools closing due to weather and environmental issues?

When severe weather necessitates the closing of the school, families will be notified via automated phone call from the school. In addition, such information can be transmitted to parents through the local radio broadcasting system. The following radio stations feature Emergency School Closing Information:
  • WMAQ/ 670 AM
  • WGN/ 720 AM
  • WBBM/ 780 AM

You may also want to tune into the following television stations:

  • CBS/ 2
  • WGN/ 9
  • FOX/ 32
  • CLTV

When an announcement is made regarding all schools of the Diocese of Rockford being closed, St. Thomas More is, of course, closed.

 How can I get my child's homework when s/he is sick?

When you call the school in the morning, simply ask that the homework be sent home with a sibling or sent to the office. Homework can be picked up in the school office before 3:30pm. Homework can also be picked up at After-Care until 5:30pm.

 My child has lost his/her uniform sweater. Is there a lost and found?

Lost and found containers are located in the closet of the receptionist's office, in the gym and in the Extended Day room. Articles found are taken to these areas. Students are encouraged to check the "lost and found" as soon as an article is noticed missing. Space does not allow unclaimed articles to be housed indefinitely. Unclaimed articles are disposed of at the end of the school year.