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Green Committee


Our mission is to bring students, parents and teachers together to become better stewards of this wonderful planet that God created especially for us.

We shall do this by providing opportunities for members of our school community to become involved in activities and projects that will help and protect our earth.  We will also provide opportunities for our school community to become educated in the many ways to be “eco-friendly”. 


Student InvolvementStudent Involvement

Eco Club

The STM Eco Club is a club for students in grades 3-6 who are interested in looking for ways to help the environment.  Currently we meet once a month after school.  We reuse items to create art and functional pieces.  We love to get our hands dirty by sprucing up our outdoor school grounds.  We learn about nature and it's importance in our everyday lives.



Trash for Cash:   The Green Committee collects items to send to Terracycle who in turn gives the school 2 points per item which can be converted to cash.  Collection bins are located in the hallway near the office as well as the grades 1-8 hallway.  Please see the Trash for Cash list below for acceptable items. 

Caps Recycling:  We collect rigid, threaded caps to send to Aveda who in turn recycles the caps into containers for their products.  Please visit the Aveda website for more information.  You will also find a link to a downloadable Caps Collection Guide.

Outdoor Classroom:  We will be creating an outdoor classroom for science and enhancing the beauty of God's creation with growing things!  Imagine the lovely space for prayer and meditation!



SEPTEMBER 2012- These tomatoes were harvested from our school garden in front of the school.  They were plants that started as volunteers from volunteers of the ones planted by the 3rd grade scouts 2 years ago (they are now in 5th grade).  The original plants were purchased by Deb Scumacci to plant in her own garden.  The plants somehow got mixed in with the flowers the boys were to plant, and now we have these beautiful tomatoes.