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Manna Fundraiser

Please read the attached for some important, up-dated information!


Since its inception approximately ten years ago, Manna has been one of St. Thomas More School's major fundraisers.   The Manna Program raises $20,000 for STM as well as providing tuition reimbursement to STM school families.  The program  is simply easy to participate in.

The Manna program is a mandatory fundraiser for STM families.  Every STM family must participate by either buying out of the program-- $150-- or by using the program thereby eventually earning the mandatory $150 for the school. When using the program, one will purchase, at face value, gift cards from a variety of vendors, such as grocery, gas, and retailers on SPECIFIC order dates throughout the school year, usually twice a month.  The Manna group sells these gift cards to us at a discounted rate.  We use the discount to support the program and STM as well as to eventually provide tuition reduction to those families who will meet the $150.  Credits toward tuition, when applicable, will occur after the $150 is met and on a tuition statement after a quarter ends.  

  All 4th Quarter credits are applied to registrations fees in August .  FYI all school families will continue to see the Manna fee on their tuition statements until it is either paid in full or credits are received.  Most regular users will see the mandatory $150 fulfilled by Christmas or January.


If you are new to St. Thomas More, you will need to receive a code in order to start ordering online. Please contact Peggy Sadjak, Manna Chairperson.


The Manna Program. as well as other fundraisers at STM, is managed by an exceptional group of parent volunteers.  We thank them for their time!

For information about logging in and using the Manna website to order online, click here.