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State History Fair Results

I am proud to announce the results from the State History Fair which took place Thursday, May 4th.  CONGRATULATIONS to all the sixth and eighth grade students for all their hard work this school year!!!

Sixth Grade Papers

Superior:  Brandon Franczak & Matt Kuryla

Excellent:  Drew Pemberton & Ella Strzempa

Eighth Grade Papers:

Superior:  James Head, Andrea Rivera, Madison Schueler, Declan Foley, Taylor Jannusch, Connor Franczak, Monica Darrow, Lauren Kuryla.

Excellent: Justin Maniago, Madison O'Connell, Mona Dominguez,Nathan Mesina.

Eighth Grade Projects:

Superior:  Declan Foley, Andrew Stapay, Connor Franczak, Taylor Jannush, Nathan Mesina, Mona Dominguez, Madison Schueler.

Excellent:  Monica Darrow, Matthew Brady, Erik Hall, Lauren Kuryla, Tyler Zemko, Andrea Rivera, Justin Maniago, Owen Gill.

Eighth grade student, James Head, received a special award from the Old State Capital Foundation Research Paper Award for his paper on African American History.