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Welcome to the St. Thomas More Catholic School Website! The school shares the educational mission of the Church based upon the Gospel message. A cooperative relationship exists among the school, church, family, and community members in a caring environment founded upon mutual respect. St. Thomas More Catholic School is dedicated to maintaining educational excellence and organized to foster the growth of the individual.

The mission of St. Thomas More Catholic School is to provide an academic environment which is centered around Christ, and designed to promote the total development of the child, both intellectually as well as spiritually.  This is accomplished by the St, Thomas More school and parish community empowering each child with a Catholic curriculum which installs faith, promotes academic excellence, foster creativity, welcomes change and diversity, and integrates technology.


St. Thomas More Catholic School's vision is to develop the community's next generation, both spiritually and academically, grounded in the Catholic faith.


St. Thomas More Catholic School, an extension of the St. Thomas More Catholic Church (located in Elgin, IL) and is part of the Diocese of Rockford.  As part of the Catholic community, the school is fully commited to assisting parents in fulfilling the responsibility of nurturing the continued spiritual and academic growth of their children.  Recognizing individual talents and abilities, we provide an educational program that allows children to develop to their fullest extent as whole and responsible Catholic persons.  Guided by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to empower students with the values, knowledge and skills required to thrive and positively contribute in today's Church and world.